Brandman Health Plan Agent Certification

You'll find everything you need within this page to learn about BHP plan options and become certified. Before you begin, please have a digital copy (PDF or image file) of your current State of California insurance license and your current AHIP certification on hand. You will need to upload both before you may proceed to the certification quiz.

  • Review the embedded training presentation as many times as you need. Already familiar? Simply scroll to the Information Intake Panel to move right on to the quiz.
  • Provide all requested information in the Information Intake Panel and upload your insurance license and AHIP certification where indicated.
  • Complete the multiple-choice quiz. The system will notify you of incorrect answers and give you the chance to try again.
  • Once completed you'll receive a confirmation message. Please print this page for your records.

If you have any questions about certification or for follow-up, please contact

2021 Broker Training
2022 Broker Training

Please review our training presentation. You may download it, print it, or scroll vertically through the pages in the window below. Review the content as much as you need to prepare for the quiz.

Already familiar? Scroll down past the presentation to the Information Intake Panel to unlock the quiz at any time.